Oh my god

Honestly I don’t know why but I have been having dreams about you and it’s totally fucking me over. I hope you can move on happily without me begging for forgiveness and a second chance because I’m fucking stupid and should’ve stayed with you when I could’ve. I think letting you go to dive back into my past was a mistake but I have too much pride in myself to talk to you and I’m guilty as hell and just so sorry shit fuck lol ugh.

Frozen and The Wolf Children: Yuki and Ame are the best animated movies ever!! 

Hehe feeling so happy today ^-^

Happy New Year??

I spent the countdown with David on Skype and we watched the fireworks together and it was really nice because I got to celebrate with my fam as well. Anyways I FINISHED TORADORA AND MY HEART HURTS SO MUCH FOR AMI AND MINORIN BUT I LOVE TAIGA AND RYUJI SO MUCH FUCK SAKES OMG ah love it so much idk what to do now hahahhaha

ok whatever this BloG is LIke just me talking about aNImE SRSLY KK BYE HAPPY NEW YEAR BABES 

My heart hurts so much and I really do miss you so much. I tell everyone I don’t care and it doesn’t phase me when in reality it does. I’m hurt and it’s so painful feeling like this when I almost thought I was happy and content. It really does suck. 

"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs"